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Drawing Feynman diagrams

I am working on my MSc thesis on Quantum Electrodynamics. I have to draw some Feynman diagrams for Compton scattering and similar processes, for which I want to use Microsoft Visio. I am having a hard ...
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Creating 3d model building notation using ASCII

This question is a little different to your typical questions but I think this is the best community to ask this in. I've been interested in lego technic for most my life and have been trying to come ...
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Can type flowcharts be programmed?

I made this flowchart with It was the first chart I made so it took me a while to make it. I need to be able to dynamically generate variations of this diagram programmatically. I wold need ...
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What graphic languages are simpler than SVG for database diagrams? [closed]

This is PNG was exported from Inkscape. I created it manually and used the connector tool to link tables. I find the plain SVG for this diagram more complicated than I was expecting so would like to ...
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