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Depth of Field algorithm implementation issue

I am trying to implement the paper: Real-Time Depth-of-Field Rendering Using Anisotropically Filtered Mipmap Interpolation from Sungkil Lee, Gerard Jounghyun Kim and Seungmoon Choi. Everything works ...
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Blur calculation in shader with fixed CoC

I have just started learning how to use and create shaders in ThreeJS and, while going through some shaders in the example folder, I have come across a bokeh shader. Inside the shader, blur is ...
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Why are reflections in a spherical surface sharp, regardless of depth of field?

A question has come up recently in Blender SE, remarking on the absence of blur due to depth of field in reflections in a spherical surface. This is a real-life effect.. can anyone come up with a nice ...
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Deriving blur from real optical formulae

Looking at the Wikipedia page for Circle of Confusion, and at such posts as this one, I completely understand how to calculate the values for near, far, focal planes and hyperfocal distance. I am also ...
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Bokeh from depth map

How do I generate bokeh that simulates shallow depth of field given a perfect depth map? Here's what I tried: Generated a sample scene using blender and corresponding depth map Using Python, ...
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Depth of Field in Path Tracing: What do I do with the secondary ray?

How can I implement Depth of Field in my Path Tracer? I have read this article which explains the theory behind everything & I already have a good understanding of what this effect needs to ...
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Is depth of field incongruous in a 3D still image?

If rendering an image in 2D, adding depth of field effects (blurring objects further from the focal distance) adds realism and draws the eye to the object of the image. With a 3D (i.e. stereo) image, ...
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How is Depth of Field Implemented?

I know that depth of field involves blurring. There's some great information about how to do a Gaussian blur in the question How is Gaussian Blur Implemented? But, other than that, how is depth of ...
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