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Questions tagged [deferred-rendering]

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Why is Forward Rendering/Shading named this way?

Forward rendering is the 'classic' approach to the rendering pipeline. Nowadays it is mostly replaced by a more flexible, deferred rendering approach. I did some research and had trouble finding ...
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Optimal Command Ordering for CPU/GPU concurrency

I am writing a renderer that uses a deferred clustered shading technique. On the CPU I group lights, decals, and environment maps into 3 seperate clustered structures (functionally, arrays of unsigned ...
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Deferred Decals

What's the proper of way of calculating the coords to apply decals by let's say linear interpolation? My understanding is that you render your GBuffer albedo, specular, etc... and after that you do ...
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gBuffer view/eye space missing z (depth) value?

I need some help understanding whats happening to my view space. I have the following colour buffers coming out of my deffered renderer... My concern is with the view space buffer (third image), ...
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Irregular subpixel behaviour using cached render textures

We are implementing a "lazy container" that caches renders of an object at various cutoffs and scales up/down the render-textures from those caches instead of drawing the actual object directly. This ...
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Optimisation of Geometry Pass

I'm trying to optimize a geometry pass for a game using dx11 and deferred rendering. (All test are performed on Nvidia GTX 1060 at fixed clock rate) After profiling with NSight it seems to have very ...
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Unsolved Problems in CQ to this day?

What problems haven't been solved yet when it comes for instance in rendering,deferred rendering, Volumetric lighting, ambient occlusion or in any other interesting area. When i say unsolved problems, ...
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