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Volumetric Renders become brighter as the focal length changes

Before we start, I have to warn yall, this program was written in VEX. Which is a programming language for Houdini. So it is a language within a 3D software. Its not really meant for this sort of ...
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Unexpected behavior when polygon goes off the side of the camera

I've been trying to make a simple rasterizer in JS, and it's working well except for this one bug. (Example) Here is part of the fragment shader, as I believe that's where something is going wrong (If ...
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DX12 Debug Layer doesn't output detailed error information

When I use the CreateGraphicsPipelineState function in DX12, there's an error "E_INVALIDARG One or more arguments are invalid." returned by the function, but there isn't detailed information ...
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What is this glitch where objects get stretched to infinity?

I've encountered this glitch a few times in various video games and other apps with 3D graphics. It causes things to get stretched all the way to the vanishing point of the scene, usually towards the ...
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Shadow Bug when Raytracing Triangles

Spheres with shadows work fine. But when I try to include triangles with shadows, they are shaded incorrectly (i.e completely black): But when I disable shadows Blinn shading on triangles work fine (...
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ray racing (Whitted) bad shadow on far objects (artifact)

situation: I've implemented a Whitted style ray tracing in C. Everything appear to works except the shadow cast by small object on big far objects The problem : red sphere have radius 0.5 orange ...
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1 vote
2 answers

BVH uses aabb for a sphere in Ray Tracing: The Next Week

While studying Peter Shirley's Ray Tracing:The Next Week, I came across an issue that I cannot quite figure out: Stepping through the random_scene() case of the ...
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Why does my image has a square pattern in cuda path tracer?

I am writting a path tracer in cuda following the Shirley's book. I am having a square pattern as an output. The size of the block change if I change the block dimensions. For this image, the block ...
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2 answers

Debugging tools for OpenGL on macOS

I am porting some code from Metal to OpenGL since we want to run our app on Windows too. Xcode is my preferred IDE, but the newer versions of Xcode do not support any OpenGL debugging. Question: What ...
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Circular pattern aliasing in voxel ray tracer

I am doing a voxel based raytracer. In other words, I first voxelize the scene using rasterization and I proceed to raytrace the volume in a 3D image to generate a final frame. Currently I noticed ...
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How to properly modify a ray in a raytracer to achieve camera rotation

I am trying to make a particular kind of raytracer, but there is some strange bug occurring when I attempt to rotate the camera. As you can see, there is some important distortion ocurring when the ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How to do error handling with OpenGL?

Whenever I make semantic or syntax errors in OpenGL, either I get a black screen or the program crashes. I looked up on internet on how to do error handling in OpenGL and in the documentations I found ...
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Should I prefer an AMD or Nvidia GPU for studying graphics programming, especially with respect to vendor specific debugging tools and ecosystem?

My current laptop has a fairly old Intel integrated GPU which was good enough for following simple tutorials. I am now keen on getting to grips with advanced techniques and newer APIs, and so I am ...
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2 answers

How can I chase down VRAM & GTT memory leaks?

Problem. I have inherited a large C++ 3D graphics codebase (with some shader code). The program runs for about 1-5 minutes before crashing. Problem Data. Using system tools, one can see a sharp rise ...
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GLSL shader debugging [closed]

Is there any tool available for debugging GLSL shaders? I have nvidia geForce 940m GPU which doesn't support Nvidia NSight and RenderDoc is great but it doesn't support GLSL shader debugging. I am ...
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1 answer

Subtle bugs in Fortune's algorithm implementation

I am in the middle of a process of implementation of Fortune's algorithm for a Voronoi diagram generating on a plane. Here the last C++ debug version. Very rarely I catch (visually) such a bugs: ...
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Compute angles and thereby endpoints in a raster grid?

I am at the moment having some issues with computing an endpoint in a raster grid that is also a valid position in a graph. I am trying to draw a line between these two points, but as the point I am ...
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How can I debug GLSL shaders?

When writing non-trivial shaders (just as when writing any other piece of non-trivial code), people make mistakes.[citation needed] However, I can't just debug it like any other code - you can't just ...
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How can I debug what is being rendered to a Frame Buffer Object in OpenGL?

I have a point cloud that is being rendered to the screen. Each point has its position and color as well as an ID. I was asked to render the IDs for each point to a texture so I created a FBO and ...
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