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How to remove a control point from a NURBS curve?

I am trying to write an algorithm to remove a control point from a NURBS curve, similarly to what can be achieved using the CVREMOVE command in AutoCAD. I searched online but I was unable to find a ...
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Rendering splines on GPU

We have an application which needs to render spline curves (cubic, bezier, b-spline etc.). We currently have working algorithms in C to stroke the control points of these curves into line strips. The ...
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How should I generate Kochanek-Bartels spline endpoints?

I'm working on a program which uses Kochanek-Bartels ("TCB") splines. My question is: How do I deal with the first/last points of the spline? This type of spline needs a 'previous' and 'next' point ...
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Program to visualize geodesics and linear projection of an ellipsoid simultaneously

I am trying to solve a problem in computer graphics but to do it I need to be able to see a comparison of geodesic lines and straigth line projections on the ellipsoid. I have not been able to ...
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Curves fairness

Curves fairness is a strange problem in Computer Aided Geometric Design and every author gives his personal definition. One of the simplest is the following: A curve is said to be fair if (1) it is ...
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Projecting one Quadratic Bezier Curve Onto Another

I'm working on improving an open source rasterization library called Gudni that I started a few years ago. It's source repository and the branch I'm currently working on are here:
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