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How do I accurately compute coverage of overlapping analytical curves?

Antialiasing of 2D shapes boils down to computing the fraction of a pixel that is covered by the shape. For simple non-overlapping shapes, this is not too difficult: clip the shape against the pixel ...
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If you can use subdivision surfaces for 2D curves

I've seen how subdivision surfaces are good for 3D curves/modeling, but haven't seen anything on if it's good, or even usable, in 2D. My question is just that, if (a) you can even use subdivision ...
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Continuity of parametric and geometric continuity

We know that in parametric continuity, $C^1$ continuity is two successive curve section $C_1$ and $C_2$ has first parametric derivative is same. That means tangent vector $t_1$ is same for both $C_1$ ...
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