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Texture coordinates

Consider the square shown below on the left, which has been textured with the image shown on the right. What are the texture coordinates of the vertices a, b, c, and d? Does anyone know how to answer ...
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Convert between screen and world coordinates in isometric 3D

I'm working on a a simple 3D scene in WebGL. The purpose is to: Implement an isometric viewing angle in orthographic 3D Translate between XY screen coordinates and XY world coordinates Codepen: ...
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Computer Graphics Previous Year Question asked in UGC NET 2021

What is the transformation matrix M that transforms a square in the x-y plane defined by (1, 1)T (-1, 1)T (-1, -1)T (1, -1)T to a parallelogram whose corresponding vertices are (2, 1)T (0,1)T (-2, -1)...
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Normalized Device Coordinates: Why normalize the Z value?

I understand that the normalized device coordinates are the result of the perspective divide of clip space coordinates and allow for an easy mapping of the xy coordinates to a physical screen. What I ...
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How to convert from world coordinates to camera coordinates

In the world coordinate system, there are objects with rotation values rx1,ry1,rz1 and position values px1,py1,pz1. Similarly, ...
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Automate Image resize, scale, position for best quality (size)

I have a process where a web user selects a photo for a profile image. User is then presented with a canvas to zoom, rotate and move their image within a square viewport. Once satisfied, the user ...
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Understanding orthographic projection matrix clip coordinates

I'm confused about what orthographic projection matrix outputs. Based on what I know so far, orthographic projection matrix converts vertexes in eye coordinates into clip coordinates. But what exactly ...
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How to get coordinates of mouse after left mouse button is released after drag in OpenGL?

I want to get the coordinates of my mouse after the left mouse button is released after being dragged in OpenGL? I am new to this and wanted to know how I can implement it.
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