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How can I test my GLSL code on different hardware?

I've written a game engine in OpenGL and developed it on my computer with an NVidia GTX 1060. I'm now ready to start releasing it into the wild but I'm worried about hardware issues. I compile my ...
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What do the OpenGL version strings from glxinfo actually mean?

Note: I wasn't 100% certain if this question belonged here or in Ask Ubuntu. I figured since it was about OpenGL programming I'd put it here, but if I should move it to Ask Ubuntu, please let me know. ...
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Dealing with OpenGL versions across multiple computers

I'm new to OpenGL, and I'm wondering what I need to pay attention to regarding versioning. The things I've been reading have been clear about there being version differences, and needing the ...
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How much should I rely on Geometry shaders in WebGL?

Geometry shaders appear to have been introduced in 3.2, which makes me wonder how common 3.2-enabled cards are, including support for Geometry shaders within WebGL contexts. Will I be cutting out a ...
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Is gamma still important to take into account?

Do different monitors (including mobile screens) still use significantly different gamma functions when displaying colour images? Is there a standardised way to represent colour that can then be ...
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