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How to describe the bi-directional links for the Weiler-Atherton algorithm?

My postscript interpreter currently implements the Hodgeman-Sutherland clipping algorithm but this is limited to simpler shapes and doesn't have a provision for utilizing various winding-number rules. ...
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Clipping 3D Perspective matrix

I am trying to implement clipping in my simple renderer, but i have a trouble with setting the boundaries. I used the same projection matrix that is in OpenGL. The problem is, the vertices that are ...
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How to do clipping in 3D?

I have a list of vertices, I want to clip these inside the view frustum. Here's what I am planning to do : First I will loop through my list and check vertex $v$ for $|v.x| \le |v.w|$, $|v.y| \le |...
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Algorithm for clipping convex quadrilaterals

I'm dealing with hardware that uses quads as its polygonal primitive. Not triangles. A triangle can be expressed by setting 2 of the 4 vertices equal to each other for a degenerate quad. For the 3D ...
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Triangle Rasterization Shaking Issues

I am making a Software renderer, and I noticed that there is a screen shaking like effect happening. shown in the first video: I tried doing filling without clipping against the small square, and the ...
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How to do clipping in camera space?

I don't even know where to start. So far, the only progress I have gotten is checking the z value of each vertex of each triangle. If all three vertices' z values > absolute value of far or < ...
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