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How apply 3d transformations on 3d Mesh vertcies

I have This 3D mesh class , I use helixToolKit SharpDX to display the mesh and transformations , but i want to apply these transformations to the vertcies dirctly so the mesh can be exported with ...
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Hosting OpenGL C++ Window in C# WPF

I am following this tutorial on how to host Win32 OpenGL windows in WPF. There is also a Microsoft walkthrough on how to Host a Win32 Control in WPF that is useful aswell. The original project is from ...
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What kind of code would it take to visualize just 1 3d gaussian in Godot?

I'm trying to create the simplest possible implementation of the gaussian visualization code from this paper in Godot, but I just don't even ...
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How to send data from a C# application to a C++ DLL?

I have a C++ graphics engine and I would like to build an editor for it in C#. I want to be able to send data from the editor to the engine such as what tool is being used and any user-defined ...
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How to give C++ GLUT project an Editor/UI?

I want to render my OpenGL GLUT project to a window/control in C# WPF. I have read articles online from Microsoft on how to do it but I am very confused. Does anyone have any experience with this? ...