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Is it possible to read arbitrary data at arbitrary array offset in glsl?

TL;DR In a Vulkan / GLSL ray tracing program, I have several shader files, all accessing the same material buffer of arbitrary data. All materials have an arbitrary layout, e.g. one might be a float, ...
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Starting from a basic glTF (such as a static sphere or plane) exported from Blender how can I add an animation manipulating its JSON?

I'm working on a glTF, precisely I'm trying to animate a "static" mesh exported from Blender directly acting on its JSON. In doing so, I'm following the logic used in this tutorial , where a ...
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Does RWStructuredBuffer have built-in overflow protection in hlsl?

It appears that reads to indices outside the range of a ComputeBuffer always return 0, and writes to out-of-range indices do not cause any exceptions or runtime errors. Is there built-in range-...
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