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How to visualize the outgoing directions sampled from BSDF?

I'm trying to find a way to visualize the outgoing directions sampled from BSDF. More specifically, for a given incident direction, I can sample the outgoing directions, using 'BSDF sample', and I ...
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1 vote
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Why my bsdf can not pass Chi2test?

I implemented a MicrofacetTransmission in nori. But it can not pass all Chi2test when alpha is large(>= 0.4 or ?),part of chi2test is passed.And I can not found the problem.Can someone help me? ...
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Mathematical foundations of Signed Distance Fields in computer graphics

I have come across Signed Distance Field usage in Computer Graphics in construction of vector shapes, glyphs and 3D surfaces. However I can not find much of the background mathematical theory as to ...
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