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Is it possible to change pixel brightness programmatically?

So, I've been learning 3D rendering for more than a year now, and I've read a lot about various rendering techniques and theories, such as PBR, deferred shading, real-time raytracing, BRDF, all that ...
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2 answers

"whiteness" in center of bright colored lights - what is it called?

When a source of colored light is very bright, it's center appears white. What is the term I need to look for so I can implement this in my shader? I have added an image which is an example of what I ...
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Aligning (matching) colors (white balance, brightness) of two scenes based on reference object

What I am trying to do is to become able to compare with reasonable accuracy two real world fabric/textures (colorwise speaking) at two distinct locations. I can't move them into single place to ...
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"Light intensity" of an RGB value

EDIT: I'm not fully clear on terminology here, what I previously understood to be called "brightness" seems poorly defined. I think I am asking about radiant intensity, that is, the measurable ...
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Calculate an equally bright grey to a linear RGB colour

I'm trying to get a grey linear-RGB-triple that is equally bright as another (colorful) RGB-triple. I have to admit, that there is great confusion for me with all the color stuff, even though I read a ...
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1 answer

Confusion between usages of linear RGB and sRGB

Suppose you have generated an image using linear values for RGB channels. E.g. you linearly interpolated it when doing blending, etc.. When you're going to present this on the screen, should the ...
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3 answers

Surface shading on an triangle

Let's assume that in a triangle we have computed the brightness on the vertices of a triangle and we have found that it is maximum. Can any other point which lies on that triangle have more ...
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Gamma setting in games - Why 3 icons?

Whenever I try to adjust gamma settings in a game, I am shown three different icons and usually asked to make sure the left-most one is barely visible. Example: What are the other two icons for?
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Spectral path tracing - image color/brightness incorrect

I implemented a spectral path tracing using physically base BRDF models such as Oren-Nayar,Specular Reflection and Transmission, Lambertian. All calculation in the path tracer uses standard illuminant ...
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1 answer

Actual vs Perceived Brightness of RGB Colour

In this video from about 1:15, it is stated that if you have an RGB value of (0.5,0.5,0.5) it is only 22% as bright as (1,1,1) rather than the expected 50% as bright. Does this mean that RGB is ...
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Brightness and contrast VS Gamma, is it possible to identify the gamma "correction amount"?

Trichoplax question aroused my curiosity and the answers in this question also reminded me why I sometimes use different gamma "amounts" to enhance images. Therefore, is it possible to determine the ...
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