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Questions tagged [bounding-volume-hierarchy]

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Creating an Object Orientated Bounding Volume

I'm attempting to test out the maths behind bounding volume algorithms (prior to ray tracing) using MATLAB. So far, I have successfully created the relatively trivial axis aligned bounding volume, ...
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What techniques are used to build ray intersection acceleration structures on the GPU?

What improvements and alternatives have been developed since HLBVH was introduced in the 2010 paper HLBVH: Hierarcihcal LBVH Construction for Real-Time Ray Tracing of Dynamic Geometry by J. Pantaleoni ...
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BVH works fine, but why does it slow down a lot when using Cornell Box? How to improve it?

I am using the SAH-BVH from PBRT-v3, it works fine for triangle-mesh, especially for dense mesh. But here is a problem. If I added Cornell box while building the BVH tree, the BVH performance will ...
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Euclideon Unlimited Details Voxel Engine Architecture

As I understand Euclideon haven't just rendered voxels for these infamous demos, since the amount of geometry is still too large for the 2010 PC with software raytracer and the model taking whole HDD ...
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