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Replace a chain of image blurs with one blur

In this question I asked how to implement a chain of blurs in one single step. Then I found out from the gaussian blur page of Wikipedia that: Applying multiple, successive gaussian blurs to an ...
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detect blurred zones after conversion to black & white

I'm working on a document storage project and i found a problem. After converting/compressing a scanned document to black & white sometimes, some areas of the document are unreadable because ...
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Convolution shadow mapping apply filter

I've implemented the convolution shadow mapping technique (CSM) and want to apply a gaussian filter to receive soft shadows. The filter size of the filtered pixels is not static. With help of a summed ...
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RayTracing grid acceleration slowness using motion blur

I'm adding some motionblur feature to my raytracer and I'm using an uniform grid acceleration scheme (it will be updated to bvh later on) to speed up the rendering time. My problem is that if I have a ...
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Achieving bokeh blur with custom shapes

I have a 2D texture, without any depth maps, which I'd like to blur to achieve a bokeh effect. The catch, however, is that I want the effect to be custom bitmaps/shapes (e.g. a heart). Here's a part ...
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