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Sorting my geometry for alpha testing

Here is my predicament. I am trying to draw a multitude of dots that leave trails behind them real time. Heres the difficulty, that line fades. Each dot line has a defined z position and the goal ...
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Normal blend mode math

I have one question. How to calculate source color after blending operation. For example. I have 1 - Background color (r-115, g-94, b-67, a-1) 2 - Foreground color above background color, which ...
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What is this method of interpolation / blending?

I am reverse-engineering two classes from a game. The two classes are responsible for generating sets of t values for interpolating / blending between two points through the formula: ...
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Is it possible to separate or split original images (or videos) from a blend image (or video)

The title says it all. Blended image or video contains multiple image or video blended on top of each other. I am looking for any software or tools that can separate the original images or videos. ...
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OpenGL blending with the screen

I don't understand how OpenGL performs the blending of a texture on the screen. By default, the clear color is set to (0, 0, 0, 0). If we use the default blending equation GL_SRC_ALPHA and ...
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