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Issues understanding rotations exported from Blender to gltf

I am trying to write a raytracer in Rust that is able to load a .gltf file and render it. To do this I model a scene in Blende, export it to gltf (y up) and use my renderer to render the scene. The ...
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Starting from a basic glTF (such as a static sphere or plane) exported from Blender how can I add an animation manipulating its JSON?

I'm working on a glTF, precisely I'm trying to animate a "static" mesh exported from Blender directly acting on its JSON. In doing so, I'm following the logic used in this tutorial , where a ...
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Is it possible to separate or split original images (or videos) from a blend image (or video)

The title says it all. Blended image or video contains multiple image or video blended on top of each other. I am looking for any software or tools that can separate the original images or videos. ...
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How to dynamically calculate the Partial Derivative of any vector?

I have a problem that requires Partial Derivative of X and Partial Derivative of Y (Like OpenGL's dFdx() and dFdy() functions.. OpenGL Registry dFdx) However, the issue is, I dont have access to these ...
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