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Using Bresenham's circle algorithm (or another alternative algorithm) to draw an arc

I'm trying to create some graphic functions for a ZX Spectrum (Z80) machine in assembler. I already have the basics except for the arc. I need a fast algorithm to draw an arc, ideally one that uses ...
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4 answers

What does GPU assembly look like?

I have played around with CPU assembly programming like Nasm, Tasm or Masm, but I'm really curious to know how GPU works now. However, i'm quite confused when I look on internet. I've heard about Cuda ...
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How to get assembly code from GLSL Shader

I am new to optimizing shader code. Now that I have written an "optimzation", I want to make sure that it really speeds things up and is not just an unreadable version of what I intend to do. For this,...
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