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Bottle neck in fragment shader because large number of texture2D call

Are there any way to optimize this flow: The frame captured from camera (NV21 byte array) Convert this frame to I420 format Upload Y data to y_tex; U data to ...
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Same specular lighting on both tris in a quad (for "low-poly" "flat shading" look)?

Here's an example of the flat shaded squares I want. But my squares are made of two triangles, and I'm getting flat shading of those triangles. In openGLES 3.1 (android), I'm turning off ...
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Can the uniform id be changed from run to run on the same machine?

I have a shader which has several uniform variables: uniform vec4 a; uniform vec4 b; uniform vec4 c; I'm getting these handles using ...
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Using extensions in Android OpenGL ES 2.0

It is no secret that according to the official documentation extensions are not available under OpenGL ES 2.0. Nevertheless, the glext.h file present in the NDK platform-include directories makes me ...
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