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Transform a centered isosceles trapezoid in a rectangle in 2-D

I must convert a isosceles trapezoid to a rectangle in 2-D with a shearing transformation (or with 2 shearing transformations). The isosceles trapezoid is centered in the origin of axes. It is right ...
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Applying 3d transformation to cuboid

I have the 8 vertices of a cuboid (red points)(XYZvox) with known distance in millimetres (vox to mm) between each vertex which I transform in 3d space using the 4d transformation matrix (M). I am ...
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Does rotating object inside unit cube [-1,1] by homogenous matrix move it outside unit cube

I am just trying to rotate my pointcloud object which is inside the unit cube ([-1,1] in all x,y,z axis). What I did is use the basic rotation matrix from wiki and extend it to homogenuous 4x4 matrix (...
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Image warping using pixel normals

I want to insert a logo into an RGB image with proper 3D transformations. I can get the estimated pixel normals of this image using the code here: Pixel ...
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