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What are Affine Transformations?

What are Affine Tranformations? Do they apply just to points or to other shapes as well? What does it mean that they can be "composed"?
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How is that possible that matrices can be thought as coordinate systems?

I've been reading around that matrices (for example, rotation matrices, but not only) can be thought somehow as coordinate systems. My question is: how is that possible? I've seen for example that ...
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Why does an affine transform work only on three of the corners?

I am trying to use a linear transformation to straighten out the camera angle on this image: In other words, I want to transform the image into a head-on view of the whiteboard. I applied an affine ...
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$P^2$ vs projection plane

I want to explain what I understood of definition of the two things. Projection plane: The general processing steps for modeling and converting a world coordinate description of a scene to device ...
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Why shearing coefficients multiplying by y? [closed]

We know that shear is transformation that distorts the shape of the object. Shear relative to X-axis that is $y=0$ line can be written as: $x'=x+sh_x.y, y'=y$ My question is why $sh_x$ is multiplying ...
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