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Manually fetching 8 neighboring texels from 3D texture greatly decreases performance

I'm implementing manual interpolation between texels in a 3D texture to be able to discard some of them when needed. Compared to hardware interpolation, this process takes a lot of time. If I simply ...
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How to transform face mesh?

We can use ARcore to create custom textures and 3D models for Augmented Faces, like the augmentation of a Fox ears. But aside from augmenting 3D objects, can we "transform" facemesh, for ...
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Handling varying texture sizes in an array texture

Say we've idetified that we have a varying number of textures that are upper capped by 2 parametrs. thus we allocate the maximum amount of memory needed to store all textures as follows: ...
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How to automatically project texture from high poly mesh to low poly mesh?

I have two aligned meshes: I have exact mapping from each vertex of low poly mesh to surface of a high poly mesh. High poly (~100K vertices) mesh is non-manifold, low poly (~1K vertices) is manifold ...
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What technology was used in the creation of Ancient Earth in website?

I've been watching this Ancient Earth globe for sometime and got mesmerized by it. It ticked my imagination enough that I wonder what technology was used in the creation of this beautiful Ancient ...
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UV coordinates calculation broken

I've tried using the classic formula of calculating barycentric coordinates. When the plane on which you are projecting the texture is collinear to any of the base vectors it crashes with a division ...
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Changing shader color

I have the following .fx file for my shader: ...
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Inverse texture mapping

I have a textured 3D object and looking for ways to transform back the texture. Effectively, I think this is an inverse texture mapping task. Do you know of anything close to this? Some papers or ...
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How do I view my vertex colors that I specified through the texture I've applied on my objec [OpenGL]?

I thought that if I used an image with a transparent background, I would still be able to see the colors I had specified in my vertex attribute buffer. ...
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