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Questions and problems dealing with three-dimensional space, including 3D meshes and other data structures, vector math, transformations, etc.

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What algorithm(s) are behind Google Street View's 3d mapping mode?

I recently noticed that in some locations you could switch to a 3d mapping mode in Google Street View. Which algorithm(s) did they use to generate the 3d models of the streets? I assume it was more ...
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How to make a 3D model for Unity 5 [closed]

I'm using Unity 5 to make a small game (I'm a beginner) and I want to make a 3D model of a character. I'm not sure what software there is to do this and if there is some, I would like it to be ...
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Is it possible to modify a console game graphics (Xbox 360)?

There's a thing called ENB for PC which works by modifying render functions calls of the games and applying additional effects. I wonder if there is a similar way for console games.
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What formula or algorithm can I use to draw a 3D Sphere without using OpenGL? [closed]

I know that there are 3 techniques to draw 3D objects: (1) Wireframe Modeling and rendering (2) Additive Modeling (3) Subtractive Modeling Am I correct? What formula or algorithm can I use to draw a ...
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Software to compose separate models into an articulated model?

I've inherited a system which animates a humanoid avatar by loading various models and manually calculating transformations for each one. I'm in the process of porting part of this system to Three.js, ...
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Is it possible to render red / blue 3d from one image and a depth buffer?

To render an image for use with red & blue 3d glasses, the usual way to do it is to render from one point of view, convert it to a single intensity (greyscale) value per pixel, and then put that ...
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Is this the correct way to implement Beer's Law?

When I implement Beer's law (color absorption over distance through an object), it never looks very good for some reason. When i have the color behind the object, I calculate the adjusted color like ...
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Is there a standard specification for 3D graphic representation?

I'm reading a book on computer graphics, and at some point, it shows a 3D model, created from a .dat file. Here are a few rules for the .dat file creation: Made of a list of vertex positions / faces ...
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Is depth of field incongruous in a 3D still image?

If rendering an image in 2D, adding depth of field effects (blurring objects further from the focal distance) adds realism and draws the eye to the object of the image. With a 3D (i.e. stereo) image, ...
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