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Is there any open-source implementation of n*log(n) visibility graph construction algorithm?

Is there any open-source implementation of n*log(n) visibility graph construction algorithm? I'm trying to understand S. K. GHOSH and D. M. MOUNT sweep line algorithm, but it's known for having very ...
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Constraining a Polyline to Look Smooth

What are the mathematical constraints required for a polyline, i.e., a piecewise linear curve, to appear as a smooth curve to human vision? I've discovered one document that specifies only that the ...
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Turning colorized comic-art into uncolorized monochrome (line-art-inks-only B&W), not just very-light-grayscale

I'm trying to figure out how to go about removing the "colorization" of comic/cartoon/manga/etc drawn-art inputs where the black-ink strokes ("the line-art") are to be retained ...
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How to plot an ADC value from the Raspberry PI Pico using pythons matplotlib

Being new to Python and this community, I am trying to plot the pulse return from a transducer. The pulse return is 400 uSecs in duration and occurs every 100 milliseconds. So far I can plot the ...
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Combine box shadow with a signed distance field

I'm using 2d signed distance fields in my current project for drawing shapes (example: and I want to add drop shadows to them. At first I thought I could exploit ...
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Rectangle bounds of isometric object to isometric bounds

This might sound confusing, but this is what I'm trying to achieve: project to: I already have an algorithm in my mind, where we simply detect the corners touching the Cartesian rectangle and ...
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How to extract points corresponding to faces from cube map projection (CMP) of panorama from point cloud data

I am working with the standford2d3d dataset which contains panoramas of various scenes and a .mat file of the point cloud information of all the scenes. ...
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tilling the Hyperbolic plane

i am trying to tile a hyperbolic plane using the poincaré or Beltrami–Klein disk model. I am doing it recursively and i don't know how to detect overlapping tiles. I think they are causing bugs ...
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Can dxf Files Represent a Parametric Design?

dxf files emerge from various applications, for example Autocad, LibreCAD and so on. Sometimes a design should be flexible, e.g. one should be able to change one dimension of it and keep everything ...
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Good way of implementing an efficient tilemap renderer

I am new to graphics programming and I'm trying to create an efficient 2D tilemap renderer (using rust and wgpu (webgpu)). My current implementation My current implementation consists of: A Rust-Vec (...
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Is there an existing method to draw a heart of stars that looks more like a heart?

I wrote a C program which prints a heartbeat (heart star) animation. The key is to print a heart of stars, which looks like this consists of line of stars and blanks. ...
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What's a good research topic in Computer Graphics?

I am currently trying to find topics for my master's thesis. I would really like to do something in the field of computer graphics, but I've been having trouble finding what are some current problems ...
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