It's been long I have been trying but I guess I will give up now, I am not able to understand some stuffs + documentations seem wrong. For example, In Magick++, the QuantumRange equations they mentioned was probably wrong. After a while I figured by reading source that color values are to be decided by (Quantum value/Quantum range)*255. I made a new MagickImage, did stuffs bases on it, it worked. I was satisfied But then, I wanted to modify an image and fx method was TOO SLOW. So I thought to take pixel queues and try to do it manually. And here came a problem, when I opened the PNG Image and tried the last equation, it didn't work at all Bamboozled indeed, more source code reading! I read more and more till I hit a stop at Quantum_info, documentation states there is an error in documentation page (what?), and manually inspecting memory location of Quantum_Info returned through one of accessors, the placement of variables made no sense compared to what exists "documented" (it's source code but okay, I will cut some slack)

So, as far I observed by trying random values on image and inspecting output witj GIMP, quantum value of 0x477fff00 is considered maximum, and lowest is around 0x42000000.

As said, I inspected the memory location of Quantum_Info, and there seem to be some values like 0x40efffe0 and 0x3fffe000. They might be unrelated, but can't confirm since the _Quantum_Info structure is not public

I am not good at graphics, so can't make good wild guesses on what's up. I am hoping for help from this community. Thanks to consider reading, I will really appreciate the help! I am just tired of it now lels


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