I've used a CycleGAN to generate the winter version from a summer picture (https://github.com/junyanz/pytorch-CycleGAN-and-pix2pix).

An example of the output can be seen in the top right corner: enter image description here

This GAN takes in input the summer picture, and returns in output only one image: the winter version of the input.

I would want to animate (i.e.: to make the transition) these both pictures. Could you please give me your advices?

  1. Should I simply take the summer picture, and draw over it the winter picture, with opacity=0, then I increase its opacity of 1, and again, until opacity = 100 so that the winter picture will cover entirely the summer one, at the end of the process?

  2. Should I linearly interpolate the color of each pixel of the summer picture to the color of each pixel of the winter picture?

  3. Should I use another technique?

  • $\begingroup$ One can think of many techniques to animate the transition, simple blending being just one of them. Your choice will depend on your artistic goal and taste. I think all answers to your question will be highly subjective. $\endgroup$ – Isolin May 16 at 19:52

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