(This may be the wrong group to ask in. Am open to suggestions.)

I've been trying to graph a dataset of x1,y1-x2,y2 pairs. Each pair has an id and each id has information and style attached.

So far I've tried Force-Directed Network graph via Highcharts to represent that data but I'm throwing far too much data at it such that Highcharts are suggesting I try another graph/chart format.

I just don't know what nomenclature to use to describe what I want.

This jsFiddle approximates what we're after:

  1. A left-hand side (LHS) column with named nodes
  2. right-hand side (RHS) columns that have a 1:N relationship with the nodes in the left-hand side.
  3. Lines which join RHS to LHS.
  4. Formatting control over lines colour and thickness.
  5. Formatting control over node size, colour, name etc.

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