I tried to make my own painting software. I used OpenCV in my job so I use openCV here. I want to make a image deformation function like the following : use mouse click on GUI to deform the image. I alway use the warpAffine function in Opencv to do the that. The warpAffine function is actually use a deformation matrix to deform the image like

image A (src) -> Matrix -> image B (dst)

However, use deformation matrix to affine A image to B image always not so fast because it needed retrive the value of each pixel frame by frame and caculate one by one.

In common paint software, even the painter in windows can do some image resize and show the result really quickly. And some openGL based GUI program seems to do the deformation without much loading in caculation. How do they do it? Is there a way to deform the image without using the deformation matrix so it can be so quickly? Thanks for any keyword for googling!


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