Hello everyone I am currently reading a paper of Disney research, Zurich, for my exam, and I really don't understand a thing in this paper...

The main issue of this paper is to create a parametrization of an Environment map that if we are in an occluded scene with portal in this scene the projection of this portal in the environment map map as an axis-aligned rectangle for improve sampling ..

Here the paper : http://drz.disneyresearch.com/~jnovak/publications/PMEMS/PMEMS.pdf

My question is about the section 2. I do not understand how it works, how they change longitudinal/latitude parametrization of environment map in a "rectangular environment map"

Thanks for your future answer

  • $\begingroup$ By using the mapping in equation 3. $\endgroup$ – lightxbulb Feb 10 at 19:02

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