'm creating an application using qt creator which read .off files as CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map and preview it I want to make operations on the read mesh such as removing edge and restore it .

it shows the following error :

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'CGAL::Assertion_exception'
  what():  CGAL ERROR: assertion violation!
Expr: i != idx.end()

my code:

 filename =std::string("/home/nourhan/QT projects/cube.off");
 std::ifstream ifile(filename.c_str());
 if (ifile)

   CGAL::load_off(lcc, ifile);

       lcc.display_characteristics(std::cout) << ", valid=" <<
         lcc.is_valid() << std::endl;

 LCC_3::Dart_handle d2=lcc.darts().begin();
   LCC_3::Dart_handle d3= lcc.insert_cell_0_in_cell_1( d2);
  lcc.insert_cell_0_in_cell_2(   d2);

       std::vector<LCC_3::Dart_handle> adarts;

       if (lcc.is_insertable_cell_1_in_cell_2(d2, d3))
      lcc.insert_cell_1_in_cell_2( d2, d3);

       lcc.display_characteristics(std::cout) << ", valid=" <<
         lcc.is_valid() << std::endl;

  CGAL::write_off(lcc, "copy-head.off");

the output :

Darts=24, #0-cells=8, #1-cells=12, #2-cells=6, #ccs=1, valid=1

Darts=36, #0-cells=10, #1-cells=18, #2-cells=10, #ccs=1, valid=Map not valid: dart 0x5d7df0 does not have a vertex.


the output .off file : OFF 8 10 0

I don't know how it inserted edges successfully and the same time Map not valid and the output .off file isn't correct .

I appreciate any help .


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