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I have a 3D polygon, and for simplicity's sake it's going to be the one below:

Basic Textured Polygon

It is textured using the UV map below:

Basic Texture UV

Side Note: I just found the texture on Google. It is not being used in any manner other than solely to demonstrate my question.

I plan on 3D printing the polygon. Since I suck at painting, I want to print the textures for each face so I can glue/decal them onto the correct faces.

My question is: How can I go from a UV texture map to individual polygon faces (and 1 texture per face) that is correctly scaled to fit the face. I want something like below:

Desired Outcome

Is there any way to do this? I don't care about width * height as I can manage that on my own, but I need the textures to be distorted just like how they are on the corresponding face of the polygon.


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Since UV coordinates are per a vertex this can be done by simply displaying the 2D UV coords in screen space and texture the resulting triangles using the same texture coords. Since UV coords are usually [0,1] they will need to be rescaled for the image, but that is also very easy to do.

Here is a image showing the results. This also is showing the triangles that map to the uv coords. enter image description here

In the example image the author is showing the mappings of the triangles onto the texture. But it is easy to break up the image, rescale, ect.


UV mapping assigns fixed positions in the texture to each vertex. You'll have to distort the image so that it maps to a constant area in "model size" so to speak. I found the following other question that will probably give you a solution: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/22872/unwrap-uv-map-proportionally-to-object-size

It won't give disjointed parts like in your image, but I think it will still provide what you're looking for.


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