I want to open a .off file and view the content 3d model using libQGLViewer, qt-creator.

I don't know how to display the 3d model after opening its .off file.

QString fileName = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this,tr("Open .off model"), "/home", tr("*.off"));
  • tr("*.off") - I'm pretty sure you don't want to translate the file extension to other languages. – Dan Hulme Oct 31 at 17:05

From a quick gander through the examples it looks like QGLViewer is a thin wrapper around a opengl window using the legacy api.

So what you really need is a way to load a .off file to render in legacy opengl. it looks like a very simple format, even simpler than .obj. So simple that IMO it is worth it for you to figure out on your own.

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