Is there a technique for implementing non-point lights (i.e. light that has actual physical dimensions)?

I can't think of anything except than making a light source out of multiple point lights, but that doesn't seem feasible for real-time rendering.


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Yes, there are other physically based lighting concepts. You can have a look at image based lighting and Area Lights (such as Sphere or Tube lights).

If you have access, have look into Physically Based Rendering, if i recall correctly, that has a chapter or two about non-point lights. Free on the internet is for example Real Shading in Unreal Engine 4. Furthermore, there is the Physically Based Lighting at Pixar paper, although I am not sure how real-time suitable this is.

This should give you a starting point into the topic. You should read up on it and then perhaps come back, if you have more detailed questions.


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