I'm using GLUI for user interface. I tried to add Listbox with several items. I could add items like below image, but if I clicked the one of them (None, AAA, BBB). The program was stopped. It looks like accessing NULL data.

enter image description here

The code is as follows: (I didn't to anything in control function)

GLUI *glui = GLUI_Master.create_glui_subwindow(windowID, GLUI_SUBWINDOW_RIGHT);

GLUI_Panel *objectEdit = new GLUI_Panel(glui, "Edit");

GLUI_Listbox *listboxChangeSimplification = new GLUI_Listbox(objectEdit, "Change Simplification: ", &listboxIndex,  12, control_cb);
listboxChangeSimplification->add_item(1, "None");
listboxChangeSimplification->add_item(2, "AAA");
listboxChangeSimplification->add_item(3, "BBB");

I just want that if I click the item, the white space item(current is 'None') is converted as selected item.


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