In reflective shadow map, there is definition about intensity of pixel area light:

$$ I_p(\omega) = \Phi_p \max\{0, \langle n_p | \omega \rangle\} $$

where $ \langle | \rangle $ is the dot product, $ \Phi_p $ is the reflected radiant flux.

So, an integral of intensity over himisphere is

$$ \Phi_p = \int_\Omega I_p \mathrm d \omega = \int_\Omega \Phi_p max\{0, \langle n_p | \omega \rangle\} \mathrm d \omega = \Phi_p \pi $$

Which leads to $\Phi_p = \Phi_p \pi$ ?

Anything wrong with my deduction?

Here's a link to the paper.

PS. a downloadable link


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