Does anyone know who to interpolate UVs in a quad tessellation evaluation shader? I can interpolate the position easily like so :

vec4 p1 = mix(gl_in[0].gl_Position,
vec4 p2 = mix(gl_in[2].gl_Position,
gl_Position = mix(p2, p1, gl_TessCoord.y);

But I can't figure out how to interpolate the incoming UV coordinates. I need to do so to pass them on to the fragment shader.

With perfect quad UVs from 0 to 1, I can use gl_TessCoord.xy. Unfortunately that doesn't work when the UVs aren't mapped 1:1 to a texture.



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The problem was else-where, the same interpolation works for UV coords.

vec2 uv1 = mix(teUv[0], teUv[1], gl_TessCoord.x);
vec2 uv2 = mix(teUv[2], teUv[3], gl_TessCoord.x);
fUv = mix(uv2, uv1, gl_TessCoord.y);

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