This code snippet:

GLint versionMajor;
glGetIntegerv(GLFW_CONTEXT_VERSION_MAJOR, &versionMajor);
std::cout << "Version major:" << version << std::endl;

prints "3" in my screen, but in the first line I set the the GLFW_CONTEXT_VERSION_MAJOR to "2". How I can get back that value?

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    $\begingroup$ glGetIntegerv(GLFW_CONTEXT_VERSION_MAJOR I'm pretty sure that doesn't work. OpenGL doesn't know what to do with GLFW_CONTEXT_VERSION_MAJOR. $\endgroup$ Commented Jan 21, 2017 at 18:43

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According to the GLFW docs, the context version hint acts as a minimum version, i.e. the context you actually get may be a higher version than what you request. However, the context should be backward-compatible, so even if you get a GL 3.x context you're OK to use GL 2.x code.


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