There are material color and texture colors (e.g. Kd 0.8 0.8 0.8 vs. map_Kd diff.png). The documentation says of this:

During rendering, the map_Kd value is multiplied by the Kd value.

However, then there is a decal command, which specifies a different relation:

During rendering, the Ka, Kd, and Ks values and the map_Ka, map_Kd, and map_Ks values are blended according to the following formula:


where tv is the texture vertex.

"result_color" is the blended Ka, Kd, and Ks values.

Essentially, this is saying that the decal at a particular (u,v) lerps between the texture at that (u,v) and the material color.

How does one reconcile these two different usages in the documentation?



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