Problem Description:

  • Reference:
    Oblique View Frustum Depth Projection and Clipping

    "Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics" 3rd edition, chapter 5.6.

  • M is the original projection matrix.

  • Plane C is the modified near plane, and C'=transpose(inverse(M))*C is the projected plane by M.

  • Why in NDC the corner Q' of the view frustum lying opposite the plane C' is given by Q'=(Cx, Cy, 1, 1)?


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check this link

quotations :

“The points (+/-1, +/-1, 1, 1) are the four corners of the view frustum on the far plane in clip space.”

this should be the point Q' which equals (sgn(Cx), sgn(Cy), 1, 1)


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