There is a process from 1:51, where the guy start making polygons around the bodyparts. I think this is this part is where (with later transformations) you can make a single draw like a 3D animation (with transforming the triangles). What is the name of the process, and is this effect available in other animation softver? I'm thinking about mostly maya, spriter or unity. Ty


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This appears to be simply skeletal animation, which is a standard technique that is available in all modern animation packages. Whether applied to 3D meshes or (as here) 2D ones, the principle is the same.

The pseudo-3D effect on the sprites is created by using a mesh where vertices are placed along the contours of the sprite texture, then animated to squash and stretch parts the image in such a way that it creates the illusion of 3D motion, even though the sprite images are authored in 2D. There's a description of the technique in the Spine docs.


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