I'm in the process of making a tool that requires rendered texture to follow the contours of a piece of clothing. An example would be this website https://knyttan.com/editor/jumper-editor/. The effect here is achieved by using a colour map:enter image description here

I looked at the shaders that are used for this and it seems that the texture offset is calculated based on the colour channels from this map.

Now I was wondering if this is a complete bespoke way of doing this, or if this is a known technique and if it is what is it called ?


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What you see in the image called a UV map. That is, it is simply texture coordinates to be looked up encoded in a image. Same thing happens in all texture lookup in 3D there is a underlying sampler that picks where to pick texture color from.

enter image description here

Image 1: Image showing UV map of two overlapped triangles and sampled texture with same UV coords

Here are the sources for those images, please do not overwrite the sources.

  • Demo showing the UV map
  • Demo showing the texture

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