I don't understand why this happening. I included the code that I am using to check if a vertex is inside the view frustum. enter image description here

bool isPointInsideViewFrustrum(f4x4 mvp, float4 vertex)
    float4 clipSpace = mul(mvp, vertex);

    return ((clipSpace.x > -clipSpace.w) &&
       (clipSpace.x < clipSpace.w) &&
       (clipSpace.y > -clipSpace.w) &&
       (clipSpace.y < clipSpace.w) &&
       (clipSpace.z > -clipSpace.w) &&
       (clipSpace.z < clipSpace.w));
  • $\begingroup$ have you displaced the vertices after this view frustum check? $\endgroup$
    – Thomas
    Sep 28 at 6:30


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