I am using NVIDIA Nsight to debug my OpenGL state. In the screenshots below:

  • I generate a single texture with the ID 10.
  • I activate GL_TEXTURE0 and bind texture 10 to that texture unit.
  • I generate a single texture with the ID 11.
  • I activate GL_TEXTURE1 and bind texture 11 to that texture unit.

When I view the API inspector, I see that texture 11 is bound to both unit 0 and unit 1, which I presume is GL_TEXTURE0 and GL_TEXTURE1.

Am I misunderstanding something about how texture units work in OpenGL? This is not the behavior I would expect.

Events tab

API Inspector, Textures


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Fixed. I feel pretty silly. When I set glActiveTexture it primes the OpenGL context to set the active texture for all subsequence texture binds. Thus the bind at line 66 overwrites it. I solved this by setting GL_TEXTURE0 as my 'reset' texture and setting glActivateTexture(GL_TEXTURE0) when I am done binding a texture unit.


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