I have the following code in python using the vedo package

mesh.lighting(style='plastic', ambient=None, diffuse=None, specular=None,
              specular_color=None, specular_power=None, metallicity=None, roughness=None)

I know that I need a combination for ambient, diffuse, specular value to creating phong lighting. How do I determine these values? And how do I know I have created phong lighting?


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From the manual:

  • style : (str) preset style, options are [metallic, plastic, shiny, glossy, ambient, off]

  • ambient : (float) ambient fraction of emission [0-1]

  • diffuse : (float) emission of diffused light in fraction [0-1]

  • specular : (float) fraction of reflected light [0-1]

  • specular_power : (float) precision of reflection [1-100]

  • specular_color : (color) color that is being reflected by the surface

Set the ambient/diffuse/specular parameters to increasing values one at a time and observe the effect. A Phong model requires a combination of the three components. Also play with specular_power and specular_color (only relevant with nonzero specular).

I could not find any information on metallicity nor roughness. Have a try with values in range [0-1].

It is possible (likely) that the preset styles enforce predefined sets of parameter values, and to use your own the off mode is required.


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