I have an application that uses only the default opengl framebuffer. It is initialized with color and depth buffer. I want to use the depth buffer as a uniform within a shader to access the current depth values. How can I make this happen? I tried to get the GLint ID of the depth buffer with the following command:

GLint params;
std::cout << "Depthbuffer id:" << params << std::endl;

the output is something like 325462352776. so that doesn't work :(

How can I get the correct ID of the depth buffer so I can use it to read its values in a shader?


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Components of the default framebuffer do not have an "ID". You can only use those images as components of the default framebuffer.

If you want to use images in a framebuffer as textures or the like, then you're going to have to create them yourself. You cannot rely on the default framebuffer's images.


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