I'm looking for a possibility to use spectral texture data in Mitsuba renderer. The texture is saved as a tiff image stack and is to be added to the surface of an arbitrary object.

Software clarifications

I'm very new to image rendering. I'm using Mitsuba2 as I found this to be a physical correct spectral renderer with many options to adapt a scene to my needs. But if you can recommend an other renderer I'm open to your suggestions.

My ideas

  • Use the spectral texture data as a surface scattering model inside a scene. That seems to be easy done, but as far as I understand the documentation, only rgb bitmaps are allowed.
  • Create an obj file with an associated mtl file containing the spectral texture data. Does someone has any experiences with this approach? I don't know if Mitsuba can handle this complicated input structure, neither do I know how to create those files...

I appreciate your help!

Annotation: I opened an issue in Mitsuba's github repository already. By asking my question on CG SE I hope to reach some people having worked with different renderers and therefore may have an completely new view.


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