I'm learning about computer graphics and I have some questions about calculation of the vectors, so I will write the exercises that I have and I hope that someone can help me with the formulas that I should use to calculate them:

given: pint p=(1,0,0) with normal vector n=(1,0,0), position of light source L=(4,0,-4) and Viewer V=(4,0,4).


  1. Calculate the light vector 'l', the view vector 'v' and the reflection vector 'r'.
  2. Calculate the total lighting 'I' where: Light intensities: L(diff) = L(spec) = (1,1,1), L(amb) = (0.1, 0.1, 0.1) Reflection coefficients: K(amb) = K(diff) = (.8, .4, .2), K(spec) = (.3, .3, .3) Reflection exponent: n = 12

Thank you so much!


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