I have an octree containing different LODs of an isosurface that was extracted using Marching Cubes.

Neighbouring chunks show surfaces that do not line up if they have different LOD. See image below.

I find that stitching them up is a hairy and complicated affair, so I am looking at alternatives to Marching Cubes, but I am not sure if this will solve my problem?

Dual Contouring would be a candidate. Its main advantage seems to be sharp-edges, but it is unclear to me if different LODs of a Dual Contour surface would line up.

Another is Cubic Marching Squares. But again it is unclear if LODs match up in here.

To be clear: I do not use LOD to adaptively refine, based on geometry. I use LOD to have far away (from camera/vehicle) chunks in low resolution.

So my question: Does moving from MC to either DC or CMS solve the issue of LOD cracks in the surface?

iso-surface showing cracks


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