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Top new questions this week:

How does changes in vertex data work?

I have been learning computer graphics and for some time and can't seem to wrap my head around one concept. How to handle vertex data changes? Ex. 1. I have a text rendering on a screen. And up on ...

opengl rendering vulkan  
user avatar asked by amberbrew Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Mirror Reflections: Ray Tracing or Rasterisation?

Are mirror-like reflections in computer graphics purely handled with ray-tracing/ray-casting techniques or are there some situations where they are achieved through rasterisation?

raytracing rasterizer reflection  
user avatar asked by Will D Score of 5
user avatar answered by Nathan Reed Score of 11

How are volumetric effects handled in raytracing?

How are volumetric effects such as smoke, fog, or clouds rendered by a raytracer? Unlike solid objects, these don't have a well-defined surface to compute an intersection with.

raytracing volumetric  
user avatar asked by Mark Score of 14
user avatar answered by Benedikt Bitterli Score of 15

Albedo vs Diffuse

Every time I think I understand the relationship between the two terms, I get more information that confuses me. I thought they were synonymous, but now I'm not sure. What is the difference between "...

rendering shading  
user avatar asked by hmind Score of 52
user avatar answered by trichoplax is on Codidact now Score of 35

Why does monte carlo ray tracing perform better than distributed ray tracing?

I've heard that the quality of a monte carlo ray tracer (based on path tracing algorithms) is much more realistic than a distributed (stochastic) engine. I try to understand why, but I'm just at the ...

raytracing algorithm monte-carlo  
user avatar asked by p2or Score of 36
user avatar answered by Benedikt Bitterli Score of 37

Progressive Path Tracing with Explicit Light Sampling

I understood the logic behind the importance sampling for the BRDF part. However, when it comes to sampling light sources explicitly, all becomes confusing. For example, if I have one point light ...

raytracing pathtracing global-illumination  
user avatar asked by Mustafa Işık Score of 16
user avatar answered by RichieSams Score of 25

How can I get a signed distance (SDF) from a mesh?

I am trying to use constructive solid geometry (CSG) and boolean operators to combine various shapes and get the outer (possibly concave) hull. This seems to work okay when using primitive shapes like ...

3d algorithm mesh signed-distance-field  
user avatar asked by Sirius 5 Score of 3
user avatar answered by Michael Sohnen Score of 2

What is a stencil buffer?

Wikipedia states that a stencil buffer is some arbitrary buffer a shader can use. However, it hints that it's used for clipping, or otherwise "tightly binding" the depth and pixel buffers, slightly ...

user avatar asked by Qix - MONICA WAS MISTREATED Score of 35
user avatar answered by glampert Score of 39
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