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Top new questions this week:

CBV, IBV and VBV byte alignment

The CBV (constant buffer view) SizeInBytes is required to be 256-byte aligned. Should the associated ID3D12Resource have a ...

asked by Matthias 2 votes

Unbound descriptor tables and descriptors for fat root signatures

Unbound descriptor tables If a D3D12_VERSIONED_ROOT_SIGNATURE_DESC defines N D3D12_ROOT_PARAMETERs (with ...

asked by Matthias 1 vote
answered by Nathan Reed 1 vote

Tone Mapping vs Gamma Correction

There is something about these concepts I'm not understanding. I thought the point of gamma correcting images is to make sure that the values in linear space map correctly when displayed on screen: ...

mapping gamma tone  
asked by Rafael Sabino 1 vote
answered by bram0101 3 votes

How to pass only the needed portion of the data calculated in a fragment shader to another fragment shader?

I have an image and I want to draw an arbitrary number of objects on that image. The center coordinates of those objects are calculated inside a fragment shader after series of image processing ...

rendering image-processing fragment-shader opengl-es  
asked by M. Samil Atesoglu 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

OpenGL GLSL - Sobel Edge Detection Filter

With respect to this topic I've successfully implemented the Sobel Edge Detection filter in GLSL. Here is the fragment shader code of the filter: ...

opengl edge-detection  
asked by enne87 9 votes
answered by Julien Guertault 9 votes

How to Calculate Surface Normals for Generated Geometry

I have a class that generates a 3D shape based on inputs from the calling code. The inputs are things like length, depth, arc, etc. My code generates the geometry perfectly, however I am running into ...

lighting geometry mesh  
asked by macinjosh 12 votes
answered by joojaa 10 votes

Why does my Perlin Noise look "blocky"?

I tried to implement Perlin Noise by myself using just the theory (following Unfortunately I was unable to achieve the look of the "original" Perlin ...

glsl noise artifacts  
asked by sarasvati 21 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 24 votes

How is Gaussian Blur Implemented?

I've read that blur is done in real time graphics by doing it on one axis and then the other. I've done a bit of convolution in 1D in the past but I am not super comfortable with it, nor know what to ...

image-processing gaussian-blur  
asked by Alan Wolfe 44 votes
answered by Bert 50 votes

Should new graphics programmers be learning Vulkan instead of OpenGL?

From the wiki: "the Vulkan API was initially referred to as the 'next generation OpenGL initiative' by Khrono", and that it is "a grounds-up redesign effort to unify OpenGL and OpenGL ES into one ...

opengl api vulkan  
asked by galois 59 votes
answered by mHurley 38 votes

Progressive Path Tracing with Explicit Light Sampling

I understood the logic behind the importance sampling for the BRDF part. However, when it comes to sampling light sources explicitly, all becomes confusing. For example, if I have one point light ...

raytracing pathtracing global-illumination  
asked by Mustafa Işık 15 votes
answered by RichieSams 20 votes

What does GPU assembly look like?

I have played around with CPU assembly programming like Nasm, Tasm or Masm, but I'm really curious to know how GPU works now. However, i'm quite confused when I look on internet. I've heard about Cuda ...

gpu assembly  
asked by sebastien finor 9 votes
answered by Dan Hulme 14 votes
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