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Top new questions this week:

Gimbal lock confusion

I am trying to understand exactly what is happening when Gimbal lock occurs. I have read many explanations now which provide the high-level idea, in that Gimbal lock occurs when two axes are aligned ...

asked by John Rowlay 5 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 6 votes

Is there a better, more elegant way of translating/rotating my camera in my 3d raymarched world or am I stuck with trigonometry?

What I am trying to achieve So I'm a fractal enthusiast and decided to build a 2D/3D fractal generator in WebGL using raymarching, with Typescript as scripting language. I've been a C#/Typescript dev ...

glsl webgl camera-matrix raymarching  
asked by Arthur Visser 2 votes
answered by PaulHK 3 votes

Contour-line looking artifact on diffuse irradiance map

I tried implementing my own diffuse irradiance map maker after reading Learn OpenGL > PBR > IBL > Diffuse Irradiance. It takes an HDR image and makes six HDR cube map. But It keeps making ...

pbr diffuse ibl  
asked by Ingun전인건 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to Calculate Surface Normals for Generated Geometry

I have a class that generates a 3D shape based on inputs from the calling code. The inputs are things like length, depth, arc, etc. My code generates the geometry perfectly, however I am running into ...

lighting geometry mesh  
asked by macinjosh 14 votes
answered by joojaa 11 votes

How to translate object to origin?

I want to rotate a 3D object. On this website the first step says: (1) translate space so that the rotation axis passes through the origin What is meant by "...

asked by S.A 6 votes
answered by Alan Wolfe 7 votes

How physically-based is the diffuse and specular distinction?

The classical way of shading surfaces in real-time computer graphics is a combination of a (Lambertian) diffuse term and a specular term, most likely Phong or Blinn-Phong. Now with the trend going ...

physically-based physics brdf  
asked by David Kuri 34 votes
answered by RichieSams 29 votes

How is VR different from a monitor

Apparently Macintosh computers cannot handle the Oculus Rift, because of their 'inferior' graphics cards. But should VR not just be like an external monitor? And concerning computer graphics, how are ...

asked by Hans 17 votes
answered by ratchet freak 16 votes

Sharing code between multiple GLSL shaders

I often find myself copy-pasting code between several shaders. This includes both certain computations or data shared between all shaders in a single pipeline, and common computations which all of my ...

asked by Martin Ender 35 votes
answered by Nicolas Louis Guillemot 22 votes

OpenCL doesn't detect GPU

I installed AMD APP SDK and here my problem. The OpenCL samples do not detect the GPU. HelloWorld give me this: ...

gpu opencl  
asked by Thomas BRAUD 6 votes
answered by Tyler Parker 3 votes

When is a compute shader more efficient than a pixel shader for image filtering?

Image filtering operations such as blurs, SSAO, bloom and so forth are usually done using pixel shaders and "gather" operations, where each pixel shader invocation issues a number of texture fetches ...

performance rendering compute-shader pixel-shader  
asked by Nathan Reed 49 votes
answered by John Calsbeek 30 votes
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