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Top new questions this week:

How can I get a signed distance (SDF) from a mesh?

I am trying to use constructive solid geometry (CSG) and boolean operators to combine various shapes and get the outer (possibly concave) hull. This seems to work okay when using primitive shapes like ...

3d algorithm mesh signed-distance-field  
asked by Sirius 5 1 vote
answered by Andrew Wilson 1 vote

Using the HTML canvas and colors to track objects

I need to rewrite a short utility library, to get it working with the Brave browser (My actual question isn't about brave per se.) canvas-color-tracker - example of it being used and src/index.js is ...

linear-algebra colorspace  
asked by exrhizo 1 vote

Environment map importance sampling (beginner)

beginner here. I am implementing importance sampling for environment maps in Scotty3D, a CMU CS project (but I am not a student). The task can be found here I have a problem with the sample's pdf, it ...

asked by Kc Able 1 vote
answered by Peter 0 votes

Questions about caculate the highlight direction from spherical harmonics functions

Recently I‘m working on a Precomputed GI Project I'm trying to use a technique called AHD, Amibent Highlight Direction, rendering my project; I use Unity and my target platform is Android. First: ...

shader spherical-harmonics  
asked by Jiang Yon 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to Calculate Surface Normals for Generated Geometry

I have a class that generates a 3D shape based on inputs from the calling code. The inputs are things like length, depth, arc, etc. My code generates the geometry perfectly, however I am running into ...

lighting geometry mesh  
asked by macinjosh 13 votes
answered by joojaa 11 votes

FPS counter for a simple Vulkan app

What measurement/monitoring tools could I use to get the FPS values for a simple Vulkan app? Thanks in advance

asked by Vectorizer 1 vote
answered by Nathan Reed 1 vote

What is Tessellation in computer graphics

In recent games I have noticed something called Tessellation, Turning the thing ON destroys my frame rate. I have noticed that it when turned on it looks like Anti - Aliasing. Can someone give me ...

asked by Anarach 17 votes
answered by Dragonseel 27 votes

Why is accessing textures much slower when calculating the texture coordinate in the fragment shader?

When using textures in GLSL, it is best to calculate the final texture coordinates in the vertex shader and hand them over to the fragment shader using varyings. ...

performance glsl fragment-shader  
asked by Nero 11 votes
answered by MJP 11 votes

How does hardware texture compression work?

That it compresses the data compared to the pixel array is obvious. But what makes it different from from normal compression (like png, jpeg)?

texture compression  
asked by ratchet freak 15 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 27 votes

How can I debug GLSL shaders?

When writing non-trivial shaders (just as when writing any other piece of non-trivial code), people make mistakes.[citation needed] However, I can't just debug it like any other code - you can't just ...

opengl glsl debugging  
asked by Martin Ender 61 votes
answered by cifz 33 votes

How to use GLSL texelFetch?

I have read the OpenGl documentation of texelFetch, which is: gvec4 texelFetch(gsampler2D sampler, ivec2 P, int lod). I know the first argument "sampler" is just a texture. But I am very confused ...

opengl glsl  
asked by Yuchen 8 votes
answered by Yuchen 13 votes

Can you answer this question?

How to extrude a face from a selected mesh in Babylon,js using the ExtrudeShape method?

I'm trying to extrude a face from a selected mesh in Babylon.js using the ExtrudeShape but can't figure out why I got flipped faces. The bottom extrusions always comes flipped for a reason I ignore. ...

3d computational-geometry  
asked by tawfikboujeh 1 vote
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