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Top new questions this week:

Why does mipmapping separate out the RGB channels?

I'm trying to understand mipmapping. It makes sense that you would have many pictures of your textures at different resolutions, and use the closest ones in size to what you need in order to avoid ...

texture mipmap  
user avatar asked by Adam Smith Score of 1
user avatar answered by Simon F Score of 3

How to generate a gradient to the edges of a triangle in GLSL?

I'm looking for an effect similar to this image. Assuming the UV coordinates of the triangle are known, such as: p0 = [0, 0] p1 = [1, 0] p2 = [0, 1] I know the ...

opengl triangulation gradient  
user avatar asked by user2867288 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Nathan Reed Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are quads used in filmmaking and triangle in gaming?

In film school, in the classes of 3D modeling, I was told that when we model something for films we maintain topology of 4 edged polygons. Any polygon which has more or less than 4 edge/vertex is ...

3d mesh triangulation  
user avatar asked by Santosh Kumar Score of 22
user avatar answered by Noah Witherspoon Score of 26

Why is the transposed inverse of the model view matrix used to transform the normal vectors?

When rendering 3D scenes with transformations applied to the objects, normals have to be transformed with the transposed inverse of the model view matrix. So, with a normal $n$, modelViewMatrix $M$, ...

transformations geometry  
user avatar asked by Nero Score of 32
user avatar answered by Nathan Reed Score of 31

A recent approach for subsurface scattering

I read "A Practical Model for Subsurface Light Transport" and "A Rapid Hierarchical Rendering Technique for Translucent Materials". If I understand correctly, the former does not consider the case ...

raytracing pathtracing global-illumination subsurface-scattering cuda  
user avatar asked by Mustafa Işık Score of 9

For shader math, why should linear RGB keep the gamut of sRGB?

sRGB is often contrasted with "linear RGB." Images are stored on disk and passed to displays in sRGB, which is approximately perceptually uniform in intensity. Shader math is done in linear RGB, ...

rendering lighting color physically-based  
user avatar asked by Maxpm Score of 13
user avatar answered by Kel Solaar Score of 13

What is the difference between world coordinate, viewing coordinate and device coordinate in computer graphics?

The 2D pipeline involves with the construction of world coordinate scene followed by converting world coordinate to viewing coordinate, then transforming viewing coordinate to normalized coordinate ...

transformations 2d normal-mapping 2d-graphics  
user avatar asked by Himanshuman Score of 1
user avatar answered by RoboticForest Score of 3

How does hardware texture compression work?

That it compresses the data compared to the pixel array is obvious. But what makes it different from from normal compression (like png, jpeg)?

texture compression  
user avatar asked by ratchet freak Score of 15
user avatar answered by Nathan Reed Score of 27

Physically based shading - ambient/indirect lighting

I implemented a physically based path tracer after studying PBRT by M. Pharr and G. Humphreys. Now I'm trying to apply physically based rendering to real time graphics using OpenGL ES (in an iPhone ...

real-time physically-based shading opengl-es  
user avatar asked by Fabrizio Duroni Score of 18
user avatar answered by Nathan Reed Score of 47
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