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Top new questions this week:

Profile GPU performance in Direct3D 11

I'm trying to profile a d3d11 application using queries (pretty much exactly as described here). I noticed something strange with the data I was getting from the queries and I think I managed to ...

performance directx11 instrumentation profiling  
user avatar asked by leone ruggiero Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Physically based shading - ambient/indirect lighting

I implemented a physically based path tracer after studying PBRT by M. Pharr and G. Humphreys. Now I'm trying to apply physically based rendering to real time graphics using OpenGL ES (in an iPhone ...

real-time physically-based shading opengl-es  
user avatar asked by Fabrizio Duroni Score of 18
user avatar answered by Nathan Reed Score of 47

What are Spherical Harmonics & Light Probes?

What are Spherical Harmonics & Light Probes? How useful are they in computer graphics? What exactly do they do? I've heard the word spherical harmonics & Light Probes everywhere, from siggraph ...

lighting physically-based spherical-harmonics  
user avatar asked by Arjan Singh Score of 18
user avatar answered by JarkkoL Score of 14

OpenGL ES 3 - Uniform buffer object with float array

I'm trying to load an array of float to a fragment shader using a uniform buffer object, but it doesn't work. In the fragment shader I declared the following uniform block: ...

opengl-es uniform-buffer-object  
user avatar asked by Fabrizio Duroni Score of 1
user avatar answered by Nicol Bolas Score of 5

Radiosity VS Ray tracing

Radiosity is basically what allows this: In a tutorial of Cornell University about Radiosity it is mentioned that: A ray-traced version of the image shows only the light reaching the viewer by ...

raytracing reflection scattering radiosity  
user avatar asked by Armfoot Score of 15
user avatar answered by Ecir Hana Score of 15

How are mipmap levels computed in Metal?

My question is specifically in regards to Metal, since I don't know if the answer would change for another API. What I believe I understand so far is this: A mipmapped texture has precomputed "...

texture interpolation rasterizer filtering mipmap  
user avatar asked by lcmylin Score of 16
user avatar answered by Nathan Reed Score of 22

How to convert Euler angles to Quaternions and get the same Euler angles back from Quaternions?

I am rotating n 3D shape using Euler angles in the order of XYZ meaning that the object is first rotated along the X axis, then Y...

3d mathematics geometry  
user avatar asked by Amir Score of 4
user avatar answered by Amir Score of 1

What does GPU assembly look like?

I have played around with CPU assembly programming like Nasm, Tasm or Masm, but I'm really curious to know how GPU works now. However, i'm quite confused when I look on internet. I've heard about Cuda ...

gpu assembly  
user avatar asked by sebastien finor Score of 21
user avatar answered by Dan Hulme Score of 29
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