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Top new questions this week:

Least squares for uniform scale and translation

I have two meshes that I want to align, I'll call the reference mesh the template mesh and the other is the target mesh. I have 1 point-to-point correspondence between my template and target mesh. I ...

asked by Meg99 1 vote

Strange VSync issues on a GTX 1060

I'm out of my wits. I've been working an a voxel game for the last couple of years, written in C# and OpenTK (=OpenGL backend) I've been struggling to achieve a stable frame rate and one of the major ...

asked by Tyron 1 vote
answered by Tyron 0 votes

convert image pixel dimensions to UV

Hi i am rather new to computergraphics but i am trying to map an equirectangular image (360 video) to the inside of a sphere now i found the following formula to do this. phi = 2*Pi*u cos(theta) = ...

texture mapping  
asked by FutureCake 1 vote
answered by Tare 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can virtual texturing actually be efficient?

For reference, what I'm referring to is the "generic name" for the technique first(I believe) introduced with idTech 5's MegaTexture technology. See the video here for a quick glance on how it works. ...

rendering texture optimisation  
asked by Llamageddon 27 votes
answered by glampert 20 votes

What is Ray Marching? Is Sphere Tracing the same thing?

A lot of ShaderToy demos share the Ray Marching algorithm to render the scene, but they are often written with a very compact style and i can't find any straightforward examples or explanation. So ...

raytracing demoscene raymarching  
asked by psicomante 30 votes
answered by joojaa 33 votes

What is the difference between radiance and irradiance in BRDF

Currently I am reading the BRDF section from Real Time Rendering and I am having a hard time to visually understand the definition of this function. BRDF is the ratio between the radiance in outgoing ...

asked by kevinyu 7 votes
answered by ivokabel 3 votes

Raytracing: why are the spheres in the image below appear stretched?

Some context. Above are the code and the resulting image for it in Peter Shirley's Raytracing in one weekend's book. As you can see from the code, he adds in some spheres. And yet in the final ...

asked by Manh Nguyen 9 votes
answered by Julien Guertault 17 votes

What does GPU assembly look like?

Sorry for repost, my goal wasn't to be on the top of the list xd. I just thought this wasn't the good place for this question but finally, I don't really see where else I could post it if not here. ;) ...

gpu assembly  
asked by sebastien finor 3 votes
answered by Simon F 0 votes

Why use a tent filter in path tracing?

The 99 lines of C path tracer Smallpt renders a 2x2 subpixel grid for each pixel it intends to render and then does a tent filter to combine them. There is an interesting presentation explaining the ...

pathtracing filtering  
asked by Alan Wolfe 12 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 12 votes

Why do red, green, and blue make up all the colors?

Why do red, green, and blue combinations can make up all the visible colors?

color color-science color-separation  
asked by Hedayat Mahdipour 17 votes
answered by Julien Guertault 23 votes
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