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Top new questions this week:

Is BVH faster than the octree/kd-tree for raytracing the objects on a GPU?

Apparently most people use BVHs in their raytracers. The ray-AABB intersection code is very fast and and the BVHs also compresses empty space efficiently, working even with infinitely large objects, ...

raytracing bounding-volume-hierarchy  
asked by Nash Gold 4 votes
answered by Christian Pagot 5 votes

How to work around the pointer limitations of GLSL?

(I am new to Computer Graphics in general) I am learning how to ray trace from a book called ''Peter Shirley - Ray Tracing in One Weekend''. In the book, the code is written in C++. I have ...

asked by Ayatana 2 votes
answered by Nicol Bolas 3 votes

How 3D painting software works

I am new to graphics programming and i'm learning opengl. I managed to make a really simple renderer where i can import models display theirs textures with all lighting. My goal is to make a simple ...

opengl texture 3dtexture  
asked by Abdelbaki Boukerche 1 vote
answered by wychmaster 3 votes

Isosurface with cracks between LODs

I have an octree containing different LODs of an isosurface that was extracted using Marching Cubes. Neighbouring chunks show surfaces that do not line up if they have different LOD. See image below. ...

computational-geometry volumetric  
asked by Bram 1 vote

Using original vertices coordinates after clipping

Clipping is down in homogeneous clip space, therefore after multiplying the vertices by the model-view matrix. But as we do clipping in clip space, the position of the new vertices that we interpolate ...

opengl clipping pixel-shader  
asked by Kiosto 1 vote
answered by Nicol Bolas 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

why does black text have orange and blue pixels

Why is it that when you zoom in to some black text you find that it is made up of orange, slightly black and blue pixels like the picture below.

antialiasing font-rendering subpixel-rendering  
asked by HEGX64 16 votes
answered by joojaa 12 votes

What does GPU assembly look like?

I have played around with CPU assembly programming like Nasm, Tasm or Masm, but I'm really curious to know how GPU works now. However, i'm quite confused when I look on internet. I've heard about Cuda ...

gpu assembly  
asked by sebastien finor 8 votes
answered by Dan Hulme 11 votes

Albedo vs Diffuse

Every time I think I understand the relationship between the two terms, I get more information that confuses me. I thought they were synonymous, but now I'm not sure. What is the difference between ...

rendering shading  
asked by hmind 40 votes
answered by trichoplax 30 votes

How is VR different from a monitor

Apparently Macintosh computers cannot handle the Oculus Rift, because of their 'inferior' graphics cards. But should VR not just be like an external monitor? And concerning computer graphics, how are ...

asked by Hans 17 votes
answered by ratchet freak 16 votes

Why do we have graphics frameworks like OpenGL and DirectX, when games could just draw pixels directly?

Games and other graphically intensive applications use frameworks like OpenGL and DirectX. Also they require features like pixel shader and DX12. But why would we need all these frameworks and GPU ...

3d gpu performance pixel-shader pixels  
asked by Suici Doga 16 votes
answered by joojaa 23 votes

How are mipmap levels computed in Metal?

My question is specifically in regards to Metal, since I don't know if the answer would change for another API. What I believe I understand so far is this: A mipmapped texture has precomputed ...

texture interpolation rasterizer filtering mipmap  
asked by lcmylin 15 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 19 votes

What are Spherical Harmonics & Light Probes?

What are Spherical Harmonics & Light Probes? How useful are they in computer graphics? What exactly do they do? I've heard the word spherical harmonics & Light Probes everywhere, from siggraph ...

lighting physically-based spherical-harmonics  
asked by Arjan Singh 14 votes
answered by JarkkoL 11 votes
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